Decorative plaster – Easyputz Knauf

Knauf Easyputz – decorative mineral plaster. This plaster allows easy and fast changing of the color of walls and ceiling.

Plastering process

The walls or the ceiling are primed with “Knauf Sperrgrund” before starting the main works.

Advantages of primer:

  • Ensures good bonding, even drying and uniform color;
  • Prevents the occurrence of yellow spots resulting due to soot, nicotine or other pollutants;
  • Permeable to vapour and air, thus, optimal air moisture is ensured.

The color should be selected after priming the walls or the ceiling.

Advantages and properties of colors:

  • High concentration powder;
  • Evenly colors the plaster layer, therefore, such actions as scratching the surface do not result in spots;
  • Light, UV, alkali and friction resistance.

After selecting a color, the wall can be decorated

The plaster is easily covered with the “PFT Ritmo” machine or the “Knauf Auftragswalze” long-bristle roll.

The final result can be achieved using the “Knauf Finishwalze” short-bristle roll. It compacts and distributes the beads evenly.

Alternative: the “Knauf Finishpinsel” brush can also be used to decorate the finishing layer.

When using this plaster, you can quickly and easily change the color of your walls and ceilings. They will look much better than the ones painted with regular paints and the color will be preserved for longer. Also, no scratches or spots will be seen as the material is resistant to friction and sunlight.