About us

JSC "Meistrelis"

We have been working in the field of construction for 16 years already. We build and sell residential houses; we plaster objects, cast floors, install floor insulation, plasterboard ceilings and prepare the ceilings for painting based on the orders placed by individual people or companies. We constantly look novelties and apply them in practice.

Our services

  • Plastering
  • Installation of plasterboards
  • Floor casting
  • Floor thermal insulation
  • Plastering with decorative plaster
  • Other finishing work

Short story of "Meistrelis"

We started using the KNAUF – MP-75 dry gypsum mixes for our plastering works in 2002.

We have been using the SAM system (set of elements from hard Styropor) when building residential houses since 2005.

We started using the KNAUF – KZ lime-cement mixes for our plastering works in 2007.

We have been installing monolith floors according to the KNAUF technology since 2007.

In 2008, we started providing a new service: installation of floor insulation by leveling surfaces.

In 2009, we successfully passed a practical and theoretical course on floor leveling with the KNAUF Nivello mix.

In 2009, we participated in the seminar held by KNAUF UAB during which we had a theoretical course and successfully carried out the following practical tasks: Dry Construction Technology – installation of ceilings, partitions and boards, installation and filling of joints.

In 2009, we were invited to participate in the seminar held by KNAUF UAB in Germany during which we improved our skills in working with the Knauf Easyputz decorative plaster.

In 2010, we had the opportunity to discover new mixes including such gypsum mixes as MP-75L Knauf, MP75 Diamant and the Multi-Finisch M mixture which is not similar to any other product available in Lithuania.

In 2011, we went to Riga where we further improved our practical skills and expanded the theoretical knowledge about decorative plasters with the help of the representatives from SIA KNAUF.

In 2011, we were invited to take part in a seminar in Germany where we learned how to work with Stuco Desing and Marble Desing decorative marble plasters.

In 2012 UAB Knauf took effort to start the club of plasterers using MP75 and we became its members.

In 2012 we participated in the seminar in Riga where we have learned how to work with MP75 F decorative plastering mix. During the seminar, we have attended the theoretical course and performed practical tasks successfully.

In 2013 we successfully started works in Norway.

In 2013 we have established the subsidiary of UAB Meistrelis in Oslo.

In 2014 we have participated in the seminar “Defeat the noise! Acoustic insulation solutions” in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our certificates