Floor leveling

“Knauf Nivello” is a dry mix for floors prepared by an industrial process and consisting of anhydrite, special gypsum and other components.

Benefits and advantages

  • Knauf Nivello mix is cheaper than other equivalent materials;
  • Suitable as basis for various finishes (parquet, tiles, textile floor coverings, laminate);
  • Suitable for PVC and paint covers without precision grinding;
  • For indoor works only;
  • Automated levelling works result in an especially smooth surface;
  • Does not crack or repeat uneven regions of the basis.

Considering the fact that floor concreting is often defective in construction works “Kauf Nivello” mix is a perfect solution for floor renovation and fixing uneven areas when the layer is from 6 mm to 35 mm.

Used KNAUF products

Levelling process

Levelling works are carried out using German PFT G5 equipment. The team of workers consists of 4 highly qualified persons. A team can level up to 180 sq. m of floor surface in a single business day.

Before starting levelling of a floor, the surfaces are primed using the Kauf-Haftemulsion primer. The surfaces with increased absorbance of primer are primed twice.

When the geodesy of the floor is complete, levelling legs are used to prepare the floor for casting.

The material is evenly spilled using the PFT G5 device.

Levelling of the mix layer with a special spiked roll and a brush with stiff bristles produces brilliant quality.

Specifications of "Knauf Nivello"

  • grain size up to 1.2 mm;
  • Compressive strength class C20;
  • bending strength class F5;
  • Consumption of material for 1 cm thick layer: 18 kg/m2;
  • Walking on the floor is permitted 24 hours after levelling it;
  • Fully dries after 3 days;
  • The upper (final) finish can be applied if the remaining amount of moisture is < 1 % for air permeable floor covers, < 0.5% for air non-permeable covers and parquet.