Floor insulation

Thermal insulation is installed using Sika Compound 50 bonding material and expanded polystyrene (Styropor) beads.

Advantages of thermal insulation

  • Good insulation of impact sound;
  • Excellent thermal insulation;
  • Environmentally friendly and made of recycled expanded polystyrene (Styropor);
  • Non-combustible;
  • Light weight (60-90 kg/m³);
  • Small installation cost;
  • In case of thick installation it is installed without gaps;
  • Designed for floor heating.

Insulation installation process

It is difficult to ensure high quality of installation when installing a layer of thermal insulation on the floor which contains many communication tubes.
We offer a floor insulation system. We get excellent floor insulation by using the German equipment to mix water, expanded polystyrene beads and the Sika bonding material.

Following automated mixing these components, the material is delivered to the site using compressed air.

The polystyrene beads are evenly distributed on the floor surface.

Levelling of polystyrene beads results in a perfect and even thermal insulation surface.

Areas of application:

  • Floor insulation and surface levelling;
  • Loft insulation;
  • Insulation of panels and steep roofs;
  • Preparation/ filling of basis (pools, etc.).


  • Load level: 800 kg/m² when the respective compression deformation is 1 mm;
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.0412 W/m.K;
  • Dynamic tension: 10 – 16 MN/m³ (EN 29052-1);
  • Impact noise reduction: 28-33 dB (for respective installation thickness);
  • Use of bonding material: 50 kg/m³ of the finished product.