Floor casting

It is common to demand construction materials of extremely high quality. Knauf monolith flooring is designed to meet such requirements.

The main advantage of the floor cast in accordance to Knauf technology is that it completely encapsulates heating pipes which guarantees excellent thermal distribution (thermal conductivity of 1.7 W/m2K). This saves energy, increases efficiency of automatic equipment controlling the heating mode and the flooring costs pay off in a shorter time.

Knauf monolith floor is cast using the new German equipment PFT-5. A team can cast up to 220 sq. m in a single day.

Advantages of the floor:

  • Resistance to high loads;
  • The floor warms up rapidly (in 1.8 hours) – faster than traditional floors;
  • The mortar perfectly encapsulates the heating pipes, thus, there is no heat loss due to possible air bubbles around the pipe;
  • The drying cover does not shrink, therefore, cracks do not appear later on;
  • No need to reinforce the FE cast floor;
  • Energy is saved due to rapid warm up and the efficiency of automatic equipment controlling the heating mode is increased;
  • Plaster is one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials.

Process of floor casting

The FE-50 group self-levelling mortar is used for residential, public or production facilities.

The work efficiency using the self-levelling FE mix is far bigger: the floor is cast 3-4 times faster than working with conventional cement mortar.

When FE mixes are used, it is sufficient to cover the heating pipes with a 35 mm layer of mortar, while in case of cement concrete floor, this layer is approx. 45-50 mm. FE floor is far lighter, thus the load on the structure of the building is smaller.

When FE mix is used on unheated floor, it is sufficient to cast a 35 mm layer of mortar. No reinforcement mesh is applied on the thermal insulation plate.

It does not take a lot of effort to level the surface of the cast floor, thus, work efficiency is far bigger.

The result of casting and levelling the floor is a perfectly level surface.

When using “Knauf FE-50” mortar walking on the cast floor surface is allowed after 24 hours, load can be given in 3 days and heating can be started in 7 days.

Specifications of FE 50

  • Consumption of material: 19 kg/m2 for 1 cm cover;
  • Compressive strength > 25 N/mm2;
  • Tensile stress when bending 5 N/mm2;
  • Density 2 kg/l;
  • Expansion at the time of bonding up to 0.1 mm/m;
  • Thermal expansion coefficient (heated floor) approx. 0.015 mm/m K;
  • Thermal conductivity (heated floor) approx. 1.66 W/m K;
  • Walking on the cover is permitted in 24 hours;
  • Load can be given in three days.