Decorative plaster – Knauf Venetian plaster

With Venetian plastering technologies, we can turn any room or accommodation into a piece of art. We have gained refined expertise in Venetian plastering in 2010, while visiting Iphofen town in Germany, where we perfected both practical and theoretical knowledge of this technology. Here you can find the gallery of our works.

Types of plasters

Epoca Marmor

This is the mature lime and marble plaster. This material allows us to obtain the natural marble effect (glossy or matted). Moreover, this mix allows us to reproduce the look of a concrete surface.

Stucco Romano

This mix allows creating very glossy and artful surfaces, and surfaces covered with it are especially smooth.

Stucco Veneziano

The plaster is composed of marble powder of supreme quality. It does not crack, it is environmentally friendly, inflammable, and is permeable to water vapours. Smooth surface created with this plaster looks like porcelain. You can choose from 88 shades of colour.

Colour Palette

We offer 88 shades of colour: from the lightest to the darkest.

We have examples of works carried out by us and we not only can show all of them but also advise which option would be the most suitable for you.